19 May 2018

Our SWRP Content Pack:

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By Ihremutter

07 Apr 2018

You can download our SWRP Content Collection here,it will drastically cut down on GMod loading times.

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By Ihremutter

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The beginning of a legend...

The time has come and the wait is over for a new beginning, one cleansed of disaster and reborn anew into a new type of GMOD SWRP experience; The Frost Harbor experience! We despise being restricted to one time period of the Star Wars timeline and truly love the now called "Legends" our past canon has become. As such, we thought we'd bring a new type of SWRP storytype, StarWars Legends. Including great hero's and villains from several periods within "Legends" and "Canon"  history we emerge with exponentially more Roleplay potential within events while getting to wield the power of some of the greatest Sith in recorded history, dueling fellow Sith, cutting down your enemies and vying for a seat on the Dark Council.

Wielding the Force not your speed? Prefer the cold steely grip of a blaster? Want to show those Sith who's boss? You can do that too! Join the ranks of several  of the great Imperial battalions throughout history including the 501st (Vader's fist), the tank driving 71st GAV battalion, the TIE fighting Obsidian Squad and many more! Come login and check out our team of Legends and make sure to jump on the Teamspeak 3 Server also at

You can get Teamspeak here!: Teamspeak Downloads